Face Serums Set- Super Pack by Glossier

I Needed A “Pick Me Up”

I am usually upbeat however, some weeks justt SUCK! I guess I just needed a pick me up because lately, I’ve felt unmotivated, hormonal, sluggish and a little on edge. Ya know.. The days were you just want to crawl back into bed. We all have them and can’t be on-point all the time. And so, I decided to throw myself a pity party just to pause, feel and acknowledge that the struggle is real. There is nothing wrong with throwing yourself a pity party just as long as you don’t unpack and live there.  Remember, that you are human and avoiding feelings is not healthy. That, they are valid and normal. I believe taking sometime for yourself to recharge can actually be a healthy thing to do.

Pity Party With The “Supers” And This Blog

Blogging, treating myself to some cold leftover pizza- the Glossier super serums have been THE product I didn’t just look forward to everyday of this week, but I’m excited to share my experience with them. And the timing could have not been more perfect because one of the serums is actually designed to help calm freaked out skin when you are stressed or for when it’s that time of the month.

What Is Glossier And The Supers?

Glossier is a cosmetic company founded by Emily Weiss-former stylist assistant for Vogue as well as writer for Into the Gloss. Weiss stated, “We love beauty products and we love testing them, but being able to create your own is a dream come true.” Weiss wants Glossier products to reflect her belief that beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect and designed to live with you, not on you. “Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.” I really like something about this message. For some, it’s all about the solution and wanting to fix imperfections or flaws, BUT that is so temporary. I want a good skincare line of products that will benefit me and take care of my skin so that I can have the confidence in going bare when I want. Something for the days I just want to enhance my features, looking more awake, polished and ready for the day. Glossier does that for me. It gives me that effortless, well rested and healthy glow that doesn’t take away from- me.


My Experience So Far

I’m impressed and intrigued. I saw a big difference in my skin in as little as a few days with absolutely no breakouts. I know my body and it’s rare that I haven’t had one blemish while on my period. So, I will have to continue using these and see how it goes. Just a few drops a day was all I did to give me that pick me up which disguised that I had been stressed this past week. It’s really helped my skin to adapt and keep it in check.

Now For The Deets

Glossier supers are all hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, paraben free, fragrance free, good for all skin types and of course animal cruelty free. They’re formula is a watery like liquid that absorbs quickly when applied to the face. They are simple in terms of ingredients and packed with beneficial and vital nutrients made for your skin. Taking a more closely look into their ingredients and having experienced cystic acne in the past- I find that these ingredients are helpful-not all natural, but deemed safe. You can also view all their ingredients as they are listed on their web-page.

The first serum I tried is called super bounce. This  is something I grab to sooth my skin when it’s feeling dry and dehydrated. I live in a very DRY state and find this serum to be extremely helpful. The key ingredients are hyaluronic acid and vitamin b5- known to moisturize and plump the skin. It is also good for fighting any signs of aging and restoring the elasticity. Great for post flight, long cab rides, dusty and hot music festivals.

Next, super pure is something I reached for almost everyday this week. It is the one serum that aids to help freaked out skin during stressful days and or that time of month. The key ingredient here is niacinamide, vitamin b3 and zinc. These ingredients have a soothing effect at the source of any redness and penetrates the pores to help clear out any impurities like overproduction of sebum. I saw a huge difference with this one almost right away and it is probably my favorite.

Super glow usually is what starts my day. I use this serum for when I stayed up a bit too late and felt my skin looked dull. Basically, for when I  just want to add some brightness. The key ingredient is vitamin c- known to help reduce dark spots while creating a smoother light reflective look. That “lit from within” look everyone is currently after. I find it is both a great base for a makeup application or simply for the bare-I just woke up like this look. I do think vitamin c works beautifully however, I’ve read- it is best and safest when paired with an SPF. So, I highly recommend using this one with a sunscreen. And Luckily, Glossier just launched one which I think I will review soon too. I want to- not only because I love the product, but because I think it is something not talked enough about and how important it is to protect your skin.

Shipping, Price, Packaging And A Discount**

Glossier products come in a very sturdy box. Inside contains the famous millennial pink- bubble wrap makeup bag which is what holds all the goods. The serums are in clean, color coordinated glass bottles with their glass droppers.  And as you can see in the photo above, not only is the packaging pretty awesome, but you can really appreciate the amount of thought that went into their design. The shipping is $4.99, unless you spend $30. Each serum costs $28 dollars for a 0.5 fl oz/15 ml bottle, but it is best to purchase the set because you will save yourself $19. Also, I will provide a link below so you can get a discount on your purchase with Glossier. It also gives me a discount in return so thank you for your support and the follow. http://bff.glossier.com/fuUph

The End

Like all good things pity parties and blog posts must come to an end. Time to get out and get happy. Bottom line- The supers have been the best part of my week. They definitely did their job being effective and I think they were well worth my money. Now, I have a routine that includes the “good stuff”- supplements that really benefit my skin; and a regimen where I’m able to adapt to whatever kind of day or week I maybe having.

Thanks Glossier!

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick


-Real Quick

This saying is kind of how I review. “If you have nothing nice to say, than don’t say it at all.” Most all the products I review- I genuinely love and use on a regular basis. So, if I haven’t reviewed a certain product, I either have yet to discover it or… Lets just say, I had my reasons for not reviewing it.

My birthday

This morning, while getting my caffeine buzz on thinking about what I want to write next- I realized I had some birthday money to spend!! I’ve been excitedly scrolling up and down my Instagram feed and Youtube for new cosmetic brands that I really wanted to try on and share with you guys. Well, I ended up finding some really cool stuff– BUT for today, I will first be sharing my thoughts on Colourpop and their lovely ultra matte lipsticks.


This cosmetic company is exclusively in cyber space and have been around since 2014. I find them to be shockingly affordable and of COURSE, bunny approved. On their website you’ll find they have a large range of colour in lipsticks, matching lip liners, brow dips, eye shadows and more; “anything but basic and boring.” I personally go to them for my matte lipstick needs– being that this company is not just known for quality, but being DIRT-cheap. My wallet could not be more thankful and it is about time I review these babies.

My stable

Whether you know me or just follow me online, you have an idea that a red matte lipstick is one of my staples in my makeup routine. I’ve tried countless lipsticks and the biggest reason for not sticking with one specific matte lipstick has nothing to do with their quality, but because they are just too pricey. I’m always on the look for something more affordable being that one lipstick is +$20 a pop! A cosmetic chemist once told me that making products- to him, was like making burgers. Every chemist makes a burger trying to figure out what everyone likes. One has the preference of pickles while another thinks tomatoes are much better for you. They are all variations of the same thing, a burger. And I find now that everyday matte lipsticks are improving and are all a little similar. So, when I found that Colorpop matte lipsticks are  $6 dollars I freaked out, bought a whole bunch and been a loyal customer ever since.


More on the lipstick

In my experience, these lipsticks are PRETTY long lasting-about 6+ hours, and comparable to a lip stain. They are true to their word, matte AF; and apply as a thin watery formula that quickly dries into a velvety finish. They have no smell or taste. And the pigments are pretty intense. So these are not their “Kiss and tell” lipsticks; meaning they are pretty transfer proof. In the picture above, I have their lipstick in LAX, chi and avenue. I’m pretty impressed with their formula because I’m finding I get consistency and a long lasting full coverage for such a deal!

Problem solved

I found that these suckers can be a bit drying, BUT then again I’ve had that problem with other matte lipsticks.. So, for a more comfortable wear, I prep my lips with a moisturizer or Colourpop’s lippie primer, then dab off the excess. The last step is because I found anything too waxy, can actually decrease its staying power. That goes for eating greasy foods as well!! You might have to re-apply after. Another way to solve that dryness is to try a gloss ontop. Glossy is in..At the end of the day, if all there is- is a little dryness while looking completely awesome; the product is still totally worth it to me. ❤

The ingredients

As for the ingredients in Colourpop’s ultra matte lipsticks, there are definitely a few questionable ones I’m not familiar with. I will leave it up to you to decide because it’s always a good idea to check labels and see whats in the products we buy. I obviously decided to give them a try after watching numerous reviews and they were exactly what I wanted- with no issue.

I have to be honest with you guys

I do not wear makeup every single day, but these lipsticks are perfect for the days I just want to look a little more polished, put together and ready for the evening. I like to wear a reverse cat eye, a little blush and their matte lipstick which I think is a great way for emphasizing the best features you already have while giving you a fun and youthful look.


The Shipping and Packaging

For me, their shipping is really fast- but I guess it also depends on where you live. It is about 5.99 US dollars unless you spend over 30- than its free. I’m happy to report that even if you do end up paying the shipping  you are STILL paying a fraction of the price you would for other matte lipsticks.The packaging was simple and cute. All the products were packed in a white, sturdy paper envelope. Inside it are white slim boxes that contained each liquid lipstick with their name in holographic silver. They also place inside a card which adds a personal touch- even though the main body text is obviously mass written it is still a nice gesture!

Would I recommend this

All us beauty lovers are complete nerds noticing when when our favorite products have changed, staying updated on social media and buying not just one- but the damn whole collection of products we really love, lol. Colourpop CAPITALIZES on that. Their ultra matte lipsticks are long lasting with a massive selection of colours to choose from– all for six friggen dollars. With that being said, I do recommend giving their matte lipsticks a go. They have never let me down so far. So, If you are a lipstick lover like me who loves to try new things ( animal cruelty free,) or your go to is a 90s flat matte lipstick –then these are definitely FOR you.

-Here is something to look forward to. Happy birthday to me/ more to review for you all very soon and I hope your having a great week! 🙂

Benefits To Having Pets


As I lay on the couch with both my dogs and cats, one at the top of my head, one in the crook of my arm and two in between my legs– I realized, this was by far the most uncomfortable, but happiest part of my day. There is no doubt that these pets bring many benefits to my life. So, I stayed up late and did some reading– only to find that it was true. Being a pet owner really does provide us with many benefits like stress and anxiety reduction to feeling much happier, a decrease in loneliness– and an overall improvement of physical and mental health. Some go as far as admitting their dog is their “wing-man”- nothing wrong with that. So since I’m a animal lover myself and all my beauty products are cruelty free– I wanted this weeks post to be about them because there is nothing better in this world then coming home, being greeted by an over-excited pet and their slobbery kisses.


There will be no more lonely nights

My pets eradicate loneliness. The other day while going to the bathroom- I could hear my dogs waiting right outside, AND could see my cats paw reaching underneath the bathroom door. They are ALWAYS around, lol. And by having a companion always around I feel, it is extremely positive in such a way that you will always be in a good mood no matter what kind of day you had. They say Just stroking a pet can make you feel calm, at peace and less stressed- that the act of even looking at them increases the amount of oxytocin, (all the “feel good” parts of the brain. ) Studies have also shown pet owners report back to having higher self esteem and felt they have had a much easier time bouncing back from social rejection. They’re content. So if you’re ever feeling lonely, being a pet owner might be the one thing I could prescribe from experience. To the photo below she is watching me shower, CREEP!

They will make you feel safe at home

My two puppies are not big by any means, but when they use their keen sense of smell and hearing– they bark until whatever it was they were barking at- is gone. For me, It’s like home security just knowing your dog can detect anyone or anything prowling around. As for my cats, they eat the bugs in my apartment. It’s really is disgusting, but in a way I appreciate they do it. YUCK!


 They keep us moving

While needing to be walked and played with throughout the day, I definitely feel that I get a little workout regularly. Walking them to dog park to running errands together gives me the motivation I need when it’s hard sticking to a workout routine; especially when friends bail. All it takes is looking at my dogs waiting at the front door with that big Boston terrier smile. I believe pets can give you that push to get out of the house, unplug and connect with others. Polls show people are also more likely to stop and talk with you when your with a dog as opposed to walking without one. There’s also a Pets-smart study showing 66 percent of men and women would not date someone who didn’t like pets, 70 percent of singles think their dates action to their pet is important, 35 percent of single women have been more attracted to someone because of their pet and 66 percent of single pet owners agree that their date must love their dogs, cats or whatever pet they own. I agree.


 They make us better people

We train our puppies a lot, but they teach us things too .They teach us patience, responsibility, commitment and selflessness. They give us a constant reminder everyday to live in the moment because it’s the only way that they know how to live. As humans we sometimes reminisce over the past and worry about the future while pets simply just live in the present. Their focus is on whatever is directly in front of them. So, the next time your sitting quietly with a cat or getting some exercise outdoors with your dog– Stop, take a look around and enjoy the moment.


Overall health improvement

You can grow old and stay well with a pet. I’ve read pet ownership benefits elderly people in so many ways. The “Pet Prescription” volunteers take dogs to visit about 400 of their hospital patients each month because of their abilities to heal and improve a person’s health. Alzheimer’s patients claim to have fewer outbursts while their caregivers report less stress in their patients. The biggest of pet health benefits relate to cardiovascular disease and protecting our heart. In fact, there are several studies saying dog owners are much more likely to survive a heart attack compared to non-dog owners.


It costs tax payers about 2 billion a year to round up a shelter and euthanize their animals because of an overcrowd. Wouldn’t you rather pay that back with a new best friend and tummy rubs? 1 out of every 10 dogs born there will find a solid home. That static sucks. So, if you are looking to get a pet, I consider checking out a rescue. A lot of them are so overcrowded now that they are offering free adoptions including their shots, neuter/spaying, product samples and sometimes micro-chipping. You can find hypoallergenic dogs for those of you with allergies, pure breeds and all kinds of animals. And if your reasons for not having a pet are you travel for work or your apartment has restrictions– owning a pet is not the only way to get your daily dose. Volunteer. Its nothing glamorous, but it’s a great way to get some exercise and really make a difference to a pet in need. I know we choose to rescue because we think in terms of giving a pet a second chance, but I’m also thinking, “who really is recusing who.” We know dogs have scientifically proven that they have the ability and power to improve our physical and mental state of health. It’s fact. Plain and simple. Not only do we touch the lives of our pets, but they do the same for us in more ways than just one. I wouldn’t trade my little guys for the world. They are family now. I know to some all this may sound like a bit much– but after all the good times and benefits to having my pets around– they totally deserved the pillow cases embellished with their names in Holographic. 🙂


Thrift shops


Second hand shops

Thrift Shops are essentially recycling at its most basic, beneficial way. It’s both unpredictable and thrilling with its endless possibilities. There is just something about going through a labyrinth of loosely organized book shelves, to dusty antiques and cluttered gems on every rack of every thrift store I’ve ever been; making it feel like some sort of treasure hunt. Lately thrifting has been such a way of life for me, I forget there are still some people who have yet to succumb to its beauty and the many benefits behind hand me downs. So, I thought it would be fun to share why I thrift and the benefits because it seems they still have a bad reputation.

They have a mission

Many of my purchases do come from Goodwill. Goodwill is a hole in the wall kind of shop that sells good quality clothing and household goods that were donated to them. Their mission is to help and give disabled or disadvantaged people in the community work and so the money they generate goes directly to supporting that mission. I’ve also heard they’ve successfully redirected 3 billion pounds of items from our landfills. By doing all this, it shows they have values and that they are everyday encouraging people all over to reused and recycle. Having a lower amount of trash in landfills is good because human waste contaminates the very things around you like soil, air and water with toxins and disease causing bacterial agents which can effect a lot of things. So, maybe give new life to old stuff and reduce impact on the environment. It’s sustainable and by purchasing from places like Goodwill to donating it back, your eliminating waste in full cycle.

Your donations

Doing some spring cleaning has always been one of the best ways to clear my mind from all the chaos of trying to manage the many items I’ve accumulated over the year. I know that they’re still perfectly good just, not for me anymore. These items can be children clothes, since they grow so fast. It can be maternity wear, since you only use it during those last 9 months. You can donate furniture you don’t take during a big move. This gives things repurpose keeping the waste lower in landfills and making someone happy because they found it at a fraction of the price it is normally is. So when you find its a good time to declutter, try and donate when you can.

Bad reputation

I’ve heard a handful of things that would make someone want to stay clear  of thrift stores. The main reasons I’ve found are, it’s dirty, time consuming and outdated. Think of it all this way. The shirt I’m wearing from a mall. It could have been tried on 20+ times before It sold to me. I know nobody’s lived in it hah, but that is what detergent is for. Thrift store or not, I always feel the need to wash all my items I purchase before wearing it. Which brings me to my next point. Thrifts are already pre-washed; so there’s no guessing game, you don’t have to worry about any shrinkage because what you see is what you get when you thrift. And when you find those perfect pair of jeans, it’s going to be so worth the time you put in once you discover how much it costs. Most my blazers and big coats ( really nice quality,) are between 4.99-7.99, a fraction of what they would normally cost me. Also, Fashion is so cyclonical. Designers often-times try to mimic and or mess with different decade materials. So if you style an outdated piece, reinterpret it; I feel it will always look nice and interesting. Just be yourself. You will develop an awesome wardrobe from thrifting.


Something different

While it’s not the end of the world to see some other women sporting the same dress at a party, most of us ( especially if you live in a small town like I do,) would prefer to avoid this. Since second hand shops take donations, it is infrequently rare for them to have items come in multiples. Therefore, you are less likely to bump into someone wearing the same exact thing. Also, some of the items were produced decades ago or even on the other side of the country. This makes for  a much more diverse assortment of clothing and a unique wardrobe.

It’s fun

Exploring flea markets, rummage sales and confinement stores is entirely more thrilling, entertaining  and way more rewarding- then any other shopping experience I’ve ever had.. It’s one of the greatest alternatives to fast fashion. You can even find some things that may take you back to a time. For me, thats Rugrats toys, NSYNC on VHS and a yellow blow up chair, hah those were the days! Or.. you might find yourself starting to appreciate how far some technology really has come.

The quality

I found that a lot of clothes are in a extremely good condition at thrift shops. Most of the items have lived past the test of time, still with sale value. This is good because while you may find some eye sores, its now made easy to spot what is good quality and what is not. I have to admit I really did like some of the fast fashion shops we’re all familiar with, but that sort of stopped after reading more on the impact it has and also because of how frustrating the quality is after spending a bunch of money. I’d notice their clothing would loose shape, the colors would fade and buttons and or straps would just pop right off. Fast fashion is cheap like thrifting, ONLY for a reason. In short, Retailers in fast fashion are not paying the price it costs to manufacture clothing in a reasonable and responsible manner, but someone else is. The laborers, women, children in different countries are, and not just in extremely low wages, but in the terms of their own safety. It’s a personal choice, but I do not want to support places that do that to people and the environment. I want to keep alive places like second hand shops because there continually making it easier for us to shop in a more responsible and ethical manner. They have missions, it’s not just about business. I think we just have to be willing to give it a try and overlook whatever reputations we hear. I’m not saying completely remove yourself from certain stores, I just think it maybe something to strive for.  AND its affordable with decent quality. Do I need to explain why extra money and long lasting items are all good things.

Being the example

You can teach good habits to your children by taking them to second hand shops. Parsimony is such a great example. The value of thrifting, fun with creativity, appreciation and community support while saving some money are all noble lessons.


Customer service

The service exceeds. Locally, I will admit some of the people here are a little quirky and eccentric, but they are always helpful and extremely friendly. Now, while this can not be assumed for every shop, I do believe the atmosphere should, at the very least, be a warm or a relaxed one. No one’s breathing down your necks to make their next sale. It’s just good interaction, which is so much more of a pleasing experience then your typical sales floor.

Its a new day everyday when you thrift

They get donations every single day. Chances are, if you do not find your next DIY project today, you can expect to find something in the next few days. So, take a day to explore and see what you come up with because thrifting is excellent for anyone on a budget or for people who care about whom their money is going to.

Lush Cosmetics




I am not a doctor; this post is just my personal experience, research and perspective. It is up to you to be an informed consumer, do your own research and make sure you are absolutely comfortable with the beauty products you buy and the ingredients that are listed in them. The intent and purpose for this post, I hope, is that you find some of this information to be helpful when choosing what suits your beauty needs and wants.

About Lush

Lush is a company that sells cosmetics all over the world and online; headquartered in Poole, England. The company’s founders are Mark Constantine and Liz Weir followed by Mo Constantine, Helen Ambrosen, Rowena Bird and Paul Greaves. Since then, things have changed. A LOT. They’ve grown to over 700 stores, factories in over 40 countries and about 6,000 employees selling and making beautifully hand crafted cosmetics and even– traveling all around the world in search of fairly traded raw materials. While browsing through their webpage, I found that their products are 81 percent vegan and 100 percent animal cruelty free. I think it’s great that instead of selling their product to China where their government requires animal testing; they sell in Hong Kong where this law does not apply. Sneaky, but I like their thinking. Also, Lush is known to be very charitably giving- in nature. A great example of this would be their Charity pot, the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a hand and body lotion where 100 percent of the proceeds (minus taxes,) go to support humanitarian, environmental and animal right causes all around the world. Charity Pot and its rewarding feeling proves to being infectious as it’s donated more than $15,000,000 to 850+ charities in 42 countries with that number still growing today. So, I really do feel good about supporting this company who shares similar, if not the same goals and values as I do. BUT it doesn’t stop there. Half of Lush’s products are made into solid form with the option of cute tin cans to encourage people to reuse and recycle. This is cool because not only does it brings awareness, but it avoids waste and packaging, reduces water consumption and eliminates some of the needs for preservatives. So, really, I’m seeing all good things when it comes down to their ethics and adhering to certain moral standards. I have to give it to them, I really like their outspoken articles and loud campaigns. I know they can come off a bit audacious, but what does that say about them. They stand up for what they believe in showing strength and leadership. They’re showing dedication by sticking to it and proving how rewarding having a kind heart can really be. And they do it every day.



The Bath Bomb

Lush sells anything from bubble bars, oils, scrubs, shower jellies, shampoo bars, body butters and even men’s essentials. They even have cute labels with the faces of people who put them together at their factories. Lush is really popular for its first invention of the bath bomb- created by their founder Mark Constantine,1989. A bath bomb is a palm size sphere filled with ingredients such as fragrances, vibrant and un-believeable colors that are mixed with skin conditioning agents such as oils. The sodium bicarbonate in these babies is one of the magical ingredients making it so interesting. When tossed into water, the sodium bicarbonate melts with the combine ingredient citric acid- releasing carbon dioxide making it travel, dance and spew colors all around the tub. It’s mesmerizing and a really neat thing to see and experience. Kind of like when you drop a alka seltzer tablet in a cup of water only- adding bath oils, bubbles and salts in a more fun and entertaining way. Reading further on about the bath bomb, I noticed a little bit of controversy over the ingredients listed in them. I thought this topic maybe be a bit interesting and discussion worthy for this particular little blog of mine.


Skin Concerns and Your Downstairs


Lush states in the unlikely-hood you experience a reaction to one of their products, simply return it and they will give you full refund or help you find something more suitable; an alternative. Now, the main reason I’ve found that bath bombs raised some concern, aside from headaches to fragrances, is skin irritants on your body and or lady bits. Any product listed with fragrances or “parfum, dyes or SLS, you run the risk of potential skin irritation to, disturbing the PH down there. That goes for any bubble bath to  even just sitting in there too long with dirt from the day. Which- is intensely lame on its own. Especially for those that know it all too well. And here’s the frustrating part that makes you want to throw your hands up. Baths and bubbles are not the only deciding factors. There’s a list from hormone fluctuations, medications, life-style and yeah, sex. So at the end of the day, if you want to avoid all risks of infections you really should avoid bubble baths AND a good time. But off the record, if you really want to enjoy your Friday night, I recommend throwing some caution at the wind – once and awhile.. But that’s just me.


My Experience


Whether you go into the store and meet their friendly, sample throwing and well trained staff or shop online to their very user-friendly, wordy and visual site- you will get a pleasant experience.
I have to admit, There is something very cool about the psychedelic colored demos and uplifting smells these bath bombs give off. It beats my usual bath, anyy day. But for me it reminded me of my mother. Growing up, on some of the worst days, my mother would hand me a cup of tea and run a bath. It was the most comforting and nurturing thing I thought anyone could do for someone else. So after some thought, I took the plunge and grabbed 2 of Lush’s bath bombs for her and I to try. I’m glad I did. Even with her having sensitive skin and me being prone to infection ( I know, lucky us,) we never had any issues using their products. and Out of curiosity, I found the reason to this was because Lush uses a pretty low quantity of those ingredients- making it in our case, ok. As for the price, “I ain’t mad.” My reason for this is because even though it was a bit expensive for me, it kept the bath bomb occasional and not an everyday thing. I feel this is good when it comes to being sensitive.


  • As far is skin goes, I recommend getting a patch test done at your dermatologist. This is a standardized test where the doctor puts known allergens on a small patch on your back. This is so they can help you figure out which exact ingredient you want to avoid because your body doesn’t agree with it.
  • Research. Try Lushopedia. It’s a great resource and time saver located on their webpage so that you can find products by their ingredients.. Also, try searching for the ingredients that specifically cater to being sensitive such as chamomile, aloe vera and oats.
  • Glitter. I have learned to just live without glitter, so I did not end up making this purchase. However, I’ve heard people having success just wrapping nylon material around the bath bomb. Just a thought.
  • Make baths occasional and keep the time in there, minimal. I limit mine to about a half hour, once a week, max- But see what works best for your body.
  • Follow up with a shower. I know this seems redundant, but for some reason It just feels wise, to me to wash off the dirt and grime that sat in the tub with me.
  • Try a DIY or just break apart the bath bomb you purchased. This is so you have full control over the quantity of ingredients going into your bath and learning what your body is comfortable to start with.


Lush as you probably know or have an idea by now, is a very clever, creative and interesting company. If I could request anything, I would really love to see them come up with a, “less is more” type of bath bomb. Something that maybe not just about the experience, but about simple effectiveness by lowering fragrances to fully eliminating them- No glitters, no dyes and a little less bubble. Some of you= 😦 . I knoww that is quite different from all the others, but I believe it would be anything but basic, and mundane; here’s why. 🙂 I think it would send a message that states.. We heard you- having skin conditions, headaches to fragrance, anxiety reading labels or being prone to uti’s- SUCKS but it doesn’t always have to! Here is an even lighter product made with you in mind- giving you a experience that is “simply” relaxing and enjoyable no matter the condition you maybe battling. It would restate who I believe lush is as a company. Generous and giving in a “ delicate and “gentle” way. Overall, Lush is more than just a business, it’s a company with good intention, selflessness and already gone the mile for many people all over the world. They really do make a positive impact and are constantly demonstrating the power of altruism by making A difference. So, when you run into your next empty or if I have sparked any curiosity, I would definitely recommend checking out Lush Cosmetics.

Calia Natural’s Rosemary and Balancing Line


First, a quick disclaimer
I purchased these products.

The Company
Calia is a small independent company founded by Randall Cunningham that creates lovely organic beauty products with the consumer in mind. One of the most friendly companies I’ve spoken to. The word Calia in Italian, means old fashion. Their mission states to “always act naturally; given the best values for the highest grade products; making things the way they use to be without any of the harsh ingredients of today.” The company is located in Canada, shipping world wide, and as a license cosmetologist, I’m going to be sharing my experience with their purifying rosemary shampoo, conditioner and balancing leave in conditioner. I gave it a couple months time before reviewing.

Now, lets talk about the shampoo and conditioner
Calia offers a variety of lightly scented shampoos and conditioners as well as non-scented. These options are great if you find your hair type builds a tolerance to product and or you like to switch it up once and awhile. I purchased the purifying shampoo and conditioner with spanish rosemary for 2 reasons. Rosemary is known to stimulate hair growth. I have always wanted long, healthy hair and am currently growing it out; so I went with what was geared towards hair growth. Secondly, rosemary is known for a natural dandruff remover and a good, but gentle cleanser. I don’t wash my hair everyday and my scalp can get a bit greasy after a workout. This to me, was the best option for my hair care needs and wants.


Someone new to organic products
You’re going to notice something right away when using true organic products. There are little to absolutely no suds. Be sure to read the labels. Calia lists them on their website and are happy to answer any questions you may have. The ingredients that make a rich and foamy lather are listed as sulfates, detergents or SLS. Without it, it seems people don’t think their shampoo is working, but I’m here to put those worries away. Give it a good massage and your good It will just take some getting use to. The reason they find an organic alternative to suds like rosemary is because detergents can be a bit too harsh for the scalp and hair. This is also what makes this product hypo-allergenic or unlikely to cause irritations. It’s why stylists tell their clients with skin issues, such as psoriasis, to avoid these types of ingredients. Or… Why they may tell their clients they just colored to look for low- sulfate to sulfate free products. Sulfates strip the hair and scalp of their natural oils which can very well cause colors to fade or even some irritation.I love that they thought outside the box and used alternatives or better ingredients for everyone. Be sure though, to keep the lid on these fresh organic ingredients.

The presentation
I’m not going to go too in depth on this but, I found their packing to be cute, simple and easy to use. The rosemary scent was pleasantly relaxing, light and not too overpowering. The balancing line is a little different. It’s infused with certified organic botanicals and has more of a Moroccan cedar-wood sort of smell to it ( my fav.) BUT I honestly enjoyed both. This light product kind of reminds me of how my hair use to feel when I was younger.


More on the balancing line
Hair is dead. I know that there is nothing alive in that hair shaft that will mend the history however, I should still protect it. It’s a personal choice, but I did give up using hot tools as well as coloring my hair in order to get my hair healthy again, but I also live in a very warm environment so to me, it is still important that I have a little something extra to prevent split ends. This leave in conditioner not only makes my hair more manageable, but I believe it does protect against breakage and here’s why. Hair, skin and nails naturally have a PH of 4.5-5.0, slightly acidic. Hence, the name the balancing line. One of the biggest causes of hair breakage is because elements like heat, certain **product ingredients and or chemicals with a drastically different PH can disrupt the hairs natural state causing Micro fractions to the hair shaft. If your PH level drops, making it very basic, you’ll find the hair feeling rather dry, frizzy and even brittle. If the PH level is too high, it opens the hair cuticle making it vulnerable, fragile; loosing natural curl and elasticity. This is why using a cleanser such as baking soda alone at a PH level of 9 can be very damaging to your hair overtime. It needs to be diluted or followed up with something acidic to create some balance. And Heat. Lets talk about heat for a second. Irons these days can go up to 400 degrees. That’s the temperature it takes to pop popcorn; half the temperature it takes to boil an egg. Hair is made up of water and proteins. So at that temperature you could essentially, cook it. These are the top reasons for hair damage today aside from chemicals. Both heat and chemicals are put into salons in the hands of licensed cosmetologists to carefully keep an eye on to get a desired look, but also just to quicken blow-dry times. So when at home, use protectants such as a good leave in conditioner and if your going to use heat, I suggest to take your time and be gentle with your hair.

**I like to not only use this after the shower for some extra hydration, but also a spritz at night with a little hair spray creating a lived in “maybe she just woke up,” but put together kind of look.


Calia does not animal test
There should be no reason for this anyway. Your looking at 400,000 dollars at least for an animal test today and science has come a long way for a reason. There are now roughly 20,000 established cosmetic ingredients that have already been proven safe as well as a growing number of proven non-animal test methods that are more accurate, less time consuming and much, much cheaper. For instance, 3 dimensional human skin models which can fully replace rabbits for skin irritation testing, cell culture tests for sunlight induced photo toxicity and any other harmful effects. So I write, boycott and question any company that still does this. It’s completely unnecessary in this modern day, and I’m glad to support Calia in not animal testing.

Lastly, the timing it took to get the product and the price
I do live in the US, so I received the products in about a weeks time, which for me, is okay. I’ll just order a little before I run out. Shipping though, cost me 8.99-10.99 in US dollars. Luckily, their products are affordable in comparison to other organic brands, making it still cheaper if not the same in price. The amount for a 250 ml bottle of shampoo is 10.69. Same for the Conditioner and leave in. I’m currently on my fourth month and still have a good amount left to last me awhile so I’m pretty happy and feel like I am getting my moneys worth.

I know hair grows on average ½ inch a month, but I have been getting asked a lot of questions lately on what I use for hair growth and my routine so something has been noticeably different. In my professional opinion, looking at these photos, my hair does look much healthier and has seemed to grow pretty fast. Overall, I’m loving the results and compliments, so I will definitely be repurchasing and recommending this product to friends, family, anyone.

Thank you, Calia Natural Team!!